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A Shabbat in Liverpool
Shlock Rock

Out Of Stock

Produced by:
Solomon, Lenny

It's finally here! A Shabbat in Liverpool! featuring 21 songs from The Beatles and put to Shabbat prayers and z'mirot! It was years in the making but when you hear it you'll agree that it was well worth the wait! The CD celebrates the 25th anniversary of Shlock Rock so we ask all loyal Shlockers to spread the word! Shout it from the rooftops! Prepare for A Shabbat in Liverpool!

Track Listing

1Shalom Aleichem Play Windows Media

2Eishet Chayil Play Windows Media

3Lecha Dodi Play Windows Media




7Menucha V'Simcha  

8Kah Ribon Olam Play Windows Media

9Tzur Meshelo Play Windows Media

10Shir Hamaalot Play Windows Media

11Kel Adon Play Windows Media


13Mussaf Kedusha  

14Mussaf Kedusha Alternate  

15Ein Kelokeinu Play Windows Media

16V'Shamru - Kiddush Shabbat Lunch  

17Yom Zeh Mechubad Play Windows Media

18Askinu Seudasa  

19Mizmor L'David Play Windows Media

20Yedid Nefesh Play Windows Media

21Havdalah - Hinay Kel Play Windows Media

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