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A Chassidishe Kapeliah (Acappella)
Various Artists

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Produced by:
Kalish, Dudi

Produced, arranged and conducted by Dudi Kalish with songs composed by Eli Gerstner.

Choir: Avrum Yuda Eckstein, Yaakov Elchana Eckstein, Moshe Shteckl, Aaron Samet, Yuda Hartstein, Yaakov Rotblatt, Mordechai Rotler, Chaim Meir Valtzer, Yitzchok Zenwirth, Sinai Barmatz, Chaim Shloime Mayas & Eliyahu Dolinsky. Child Soloists: Meir Lichternstadter & Sholom Werzberger. (NOTE: No musical instruments were used in the production of this album. Certain sounds were produced using the human voice and may sound like real musical instruments.)

Track Listing

1Gam Ki Eilech Play Windows Media

2Yosis Alayich Play Windows Media

3Yehi Hashem Play Windows Media

4Shiru Lanu Play Windows Media

5Ki Malachov Play Windows Media

6Im Eshkocheich Play Windows Media

7Kol Sason Play Windows Media

8Hillel Omer Play Windows Media

9V'atah Kisvu Play Windows Media

10Kol Hamispalel Play Windows Media

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