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Shlomo Shabbos - The Shlomo Carlebach Shabbos Songbook
Solomon, Ben Zion

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Produced by:
Solomon, Ben Zion

This spiral bound volume of 112 pages contains 46 of Reb Shlomo's best songs that were not published in previous songbooks. They are all songs of Shabbos and included is the now world famous "Shlomo nusach" for Leyl Shabbos, and many songs that Reb Shlomo never recorded. Each song is presented with melody line, text underlay in transliterated Hebrew, chords for harmonic accompaniment of guitar, keyboard, etc., full text in Hebrew, a translation of the text into English and stories of the origin of each song. If you like Reb Shlomo's songs, but don't read music, this volume is a worthwhile purchase for the stories and photos alone. (Copyright 1993)

Track Listing

1Nikkun Rikud (Shabbos Dance)  

2Good Shabbos  

3L'chu N'ran'noh  

4Shiru L'HaShem Shir Chodosh  

5Yism'chu HaShomayim  

6Moshe V'Aharon  

7Mizmor L'Dovid  

8L'choh Dodi  

9Lo Seivoshi #2  

10Yism'chu B'Malchus'cho #1  

11Sholom Aleichem  

12Eishes Chayil  

13Eloko Di Leih #2  

14L'Mikodosheich Tuv #1  

15Racheim B'Chasdecho  

16Yiboneh HaMikdosh #1  

17Om'dot Hayu Rag'leinu  

18Nishmas Kol Chai  

19Ad Heinoh Azorunu Rachamecho  

20Shochein Ad  

21HaKol Yoducho  

22Keil Adon  

23Mim'koimcho #3  

24V'Eineinu Sir'enoh #2  

25Yism'chu B'Mal'chus'cho #2  

26Ki V'Sheim Kod'shecho  

27L'Dor VoDor Nagid God'lecho  

28Ein KEilokeinu #4  

29L'Mikdosheich Tuv #2  

30Shuvoh HaShem #1  

31Atah Echad  

32Gam Ki Eilech #3  

33Koh Riboin Olam  

34L'Mikdosheich Tuv #3  

35Yiboneh HaMikdosh #2  

36Shuvoh HaShem #2  

37Horachamon Hu Y'zakeinu  

38Hinei Keil Y'shu'osi  

39LaY'hudim Hoysoh Oroh  

40Yisrael Nosha B'Hashem  

41David Melech Yisrael  

42Siman Tov U'Mazal Tov #1  

43Siman Tov U'Mazal Tov #2  

44M'lei'im Ziv  

45Eliyahu HaNavi #1  

46Eliyahu HaNavi #2  


DETAILSShabbat, For Starters
Davis, Mayer


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