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J Rap City
Shlock Rock

Out Of Stock

Produced by:
Solomon, Lenny

This is the ultimate Jewish Rap album! This CD features aa total of 16 tracks which include 8 Shlock Rock Raps previously released on other albums and 5 new Raps. Etan G is featured on this CD as The Jewish Rapper raps on the 4 new songs and performs 3 tracks of Shlock Rock remakes as well. The new hit songs are Redemption Time, Thank G-d, Rap City for Jews and Strings of Life. If you're a hip hop lover and Shlock Rock fan as well, you are set! (2005)

Track Listing

1Rap City for Jews  

2Redemption Time Play Windows Media

3Thank G-d  

4The Strings of Life Play Windows Media

5Rappin Jewish  

6Recognize the Miracles Play Windows Media

7Yo Yo Yarmulke Play Windows Media

8Bless On It / Boogie in the Shul  

9Wash This Way  

10Makin' Hamotzie Play Windows Media


12She Cries Out  

13Be Good Be Cool Be Jewish  

14Yo Yo Yarmulke 2000  

15Makin' Hamotzie (Club Mix)  

16Recognize the Miracles (G Style)  

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Shlock Rock

Out Of Stock


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