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The Birthday of the World - Part I - Rosh Hashanah
Western Wind Ensemble & Various Artists

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Produced by:
Johnson, Mark

Part I of the two-part series is devoted to the rich and profound musical and spiritual traditions of the Jewish High Holy Days. An important focus of the program is to document the performance of certain prayers in the traditional style of cantor and "meshorerim" (singers who provide improvised accompaniment). This unique style, along with the great literature of the choral service, may not last much longer, as choirs are increasingly being eliminated from synagogues, to be replaced by organs and synthesizers, and by pop-style tunes. The Western Wind is thus providing a valuable service in helping to preserve and renew a significant element of the Jewish cultural heritage. "Sung by The Western Wind vocal ensemble with outstanding cantors backed by accomplished mesharim (improvisational singers), this is an ideal Rosh Hashanah service. Comprised of major prayers drawn from traditions ancient and modern, Sefardic and Eastern European, with a splendid narration by Leonard Nimoy, the performance is outstanding for the beauty of its artistry." Joan Schwartz Michel (Hadassah Magazine)

Track Listing

1Rosh Hashanah Nusach  

2Narration #1  

3Ma Tovu / Tik'u Play Windows Media

4Narration #2  


6Narration #3  

7Zochreinu Play Windows Media

8Narration #4  

9Adonoy, Adonoy / Va'ani S'filosi  

10Narration #5  


12Narration #6  

13Ki Keshimcho  

14Narration #7  

15V'Chol Ma'aminim Play Windows Media

16Narration #8  

17Shofar / Hayom Harat Olam / Areshet Seifateinu  

18Narration #9  

19V'al Y'dei  

20Narration #10  

21B'seyfer Chayim  

22Narration #11  

23Hayom T'amtzeinu  

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