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Touring Yerushalayim with Pesach Levy - Volume 1
Levy, Pesach

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Produced by:
Levy, Pesach

Pesach Levy, a veteran tour guide for over 35 years, brings Tanach alive and gives you a front row seat tour of Jerusalem in this picturesque, emotional, inspiring and educational video. Sites include Har Hazeisim, Kevrei Neviem, Nachal Kidron, Emek Yehoshefat, Ancient Water System, Solomon's Pool, Southern View, Emek Habocho, Third Wall of Yerushalayim, Gay Ben Hinom, Yemin Moshe, Jaffa Gate, Migdal Dovid, Kever Shimon Hatzadik, Har Hatzofim, View of Desert, Yad Avshalom and Kever Zecharia Hanavi. (Color, 90 minutes in English)

Track Listing

1Sample Video Clip Play Windows Media

2Har Hazeisim  

3Kevrei Neviem  

4Nachal Kidron  

5Emek Yehoshefat  

6Ancient Water System  

7Solomon's Pool  

8Southern View  

9Emek Habocho  

10Gay Ben Hinom  

11Yemin Moshe  

12Third Wall of Yerushalayim  

13Jaffa Gate  

14Migdal Dovid  

15Kever Shimon Hatzadik  

16Kever Shmuel Hanavi  

17Har Hatzofim  

18View of Dessert  

19Yad Avshalom  

20Kever Zecharia Hanavi  

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DETAILSBerel Wein's Israel Journey: Jerusalem
Wein, Berel


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