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YBC Live! II - with The Yeshiva Boys Choir, The Chevra, Tek-Noy & Eli Gerstner
Yeshiva Boys Choir / The Chevra / Tek-Noy / Eli Gerstner

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Produced by:
Gerstner, Eli / EG Productions


YBC Live! II is finally here and this is your chance to have front row seats in case you missed the concert of the hottest and most popular boys choir in Jewish music history... a DVD and double album download featuring The Yeshiva Boys Choir live in concert at Queens College in New York City with The Chevra, Tek-Noy & Eli Gerstner performing together and solo. Composed, arranged and directed by Eli Gerstner with music by The Yosis Orchestra.

Track Listing

1Lazer's Niggun (Eli Gerstner, Chevra, YBC, Dovid Stein & Tek-Noy) Play Windows Media

2M'leim (YBC) Play Windows Media

3Al Yisroel (YBC) Play Windows Media

4In A Song (YBC & Eli Gerstner) Play Windows Media

5Ein (YBC) Play Windows Media

6Hokel (Tek-Noy) Play Windows Media

7L'cho (Chevra) Play Windows Media

8Kel Mistater (Chevra) Play Windows Media

9Shma (Chevra) Play Windows Media

10Shenemar (Tek-Noy) Play Windows Media

11Ani Kiroseecho (Eli & Yaakov Mordechai Gerstner & Tek-Noy) Play Windows Media

12Asher Lo (Chevra) Play Windows Media

13Neshomele (Chevra & Eli Gerstner) Play Windows Media

14Y'hey (Chevra) Play Windows Media

15Shabichi (YBC) Play Windows Media

16Hadrecheini (YBC) Play Windows Media

17Yivorechecho (YBC) Play Windows Media

18Booraich (YBC) Play Windows Media

19Kol / Neshoma Medley (Eli Gerstner, Chevra, YBC, Dovid Stein & Tek-Noy) Play Windows Media

20V'ohavta Remix (YBC) Play Windows Media

21Chizku (Chevra) - Music Video on DVD only  

22Concert with Interviews - on DVD only  

23Bloopers - on DVD only  

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