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The Real Complete Jewish Kids Party
David & The High Spirit

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Produced by:
Yakobian, David

This recording features 25 celebrated songs for children at heart with music for dancing, interacting, singing along, relaxing and sleeping sung in Hebrew, English and Yiddish as well as instumentals. These songs were specially selected, after extensive research, out of a huge childrens repertoire to serve the wholesome needs of kids in the Jewish communities.

Track Listing

1Ose Shalom  

2Mayim Dance  

3Bashana Habaah  

4David Melech  

5Havah Nagilah Play Windows Media

6Hevenu Shalom  

7Zemer Atik Play Windows Media

8Pata Pata  


10Tayish Dance  

11Chicken Dance  

12Limbo Medley  

13Limbo Rock  

14St. Thomas  

15Yoya Play Windows Media

16Happy Birthday (in English & Hebrew)  

17Yom Huledet (Birthday)  

18Hayom Yom Huledet (It's Birthday Today)  

19It's Your Birthday  

20Yadayim Lemalah  

21Simi Yadech  

22Hine Matov  


24Ima Yekara Sheli (My Dear Mom)  

25Numi Numi (A Lullaby Song)  

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DETAILSThe Real Complete Jewish Kids Party
David & The High Spirit



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