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Jewish Holiday Songs for Children
Buchman, Rachel & Various Artists

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Produced by:
Buchman, Rachel & Netsky, Steve

Award-winning childrens' artist Rachel Buchman performs 24 songs for every season of the Jewish calendar. Along with holiday stories, games and dances, these exuberant selections will delight children and parents alike. Celebrating the rich tradition of song in Jewish culture, Rachel is joined by outstanding musicians and a chorus of young children. Includes lyrics and translations. (Copyright 1993 Rounder Records)

Track Listing

1Shalom, Shalom #1  

2Tapuchim Udvash - Apples and Honey Play Windows Media

3I Can Bake a Honey Cake  

4Let's Be Friends  

5Al Take! - Let's Not Fight!  

6A Sukkah! A Sukkah!  

7Great Big Stars  

8Degel Tov - Will You be My Flag?  

9Drey Zich, Dreydele - Turn Around, Little Dreydl  

10My Candles  

11Tu-Tu-Tu-Tu / Kach Holchim HaShotlim - Here Come the Planters  

12Rash Ra'ashan! - Make Noise, Noise Maker! / Purim Is Today  

13Hop! Mayne Homentashen Play Windows Media

14Make A Matzah  

15Where Is Baby Moses?  

16Chad Gadya - One Kid  

17Eliahu Hanavi - Elijah the Prophet Play Windows Media


19Simi Yadeych B'yadi - Put Your Hand in Mine  

20I Have Pajamas / Kachol-Lavan - Blue-White  

21Esh, Esh - Fire, Fire  

22Spring Parade / Saleynu - Our Baskets  

23Little Torah  

24Shalom, Shalom #2  

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