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A World of Midos - Bamidbar
Shachter, R' Fishel & Schwartz, R' Yonasan

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Produced by:
YS Productions

Written and narrated by the renowned Torah educators, Reb Fishel Schachter and Reb Yonasan Schwartz, this double CD/Cassette features beautiful Shabbos stories your children can enjoy throughout the entire year on the entire Sefer Bamidbar.

Track Listing

1Bamidbar - Every Jew Counts Play Windows Media

2Naso - Do It With Simcha Play Windows Media

3Beha'aloscha - I Can See When You've Done Wrong Play Windows Media

4Shlach - The Speed of Lashon Hora Play Windows Media

5Korach - Emunas Tzadikim  

6Chukas - When You Embarrass Someone You Could Lose All Your Prizes  

7Balok - Mind Your Own Business  

8Pinchas - The Reward for Giving of Yourself  

9Matos - The Reward for Controlling One's Anger  

10Massei - Every Trip Has a Reason  

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