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Shlock Rock For Kids - We're in the Band - Volume 3
Shlock Rock

Out Of Stock

Produced by:
Solomon, Lenny

Shlock Rock For Kids - Volume 3 - We're In The Band is the first new kids' album since 1998. But is this album only for kids? An Emphatic No from Shlock Rock HQ. Check out the folk songs and other surprises on this CD. Songs about people in the Torah as well as the Jewish Holdays. 27 news tracks including 10 original kids songs. This is a must for your Shlock Rock Collection!

Track Listing

1When I Say Boker Tov  

2Everyone I Meet Play Windows Media

3Abba Always  

4Adam Please  

5My Wife Sara Play Windows Media

6She Had to Stare  

7Hakol Kol Yaakov  

8All the Signs Play Windows Media


10Ezra and Nechamiah  

11The Al Hamichya Song  

12Two Sets of Dishes  

13We Want All the Jews  

14I Love My Shabbat  

15Apples and Honey  

16Aseret Yemey Teshuvah  

17Succah Hop  

18Oil in The Jug  

19Tu Bishvat Seder  

20Megillah for Sale  

21No More Bread  

22Chad Gadya  

23We Got The Torah  


25Breishit Again  

26Rosh Chodesh  

27Israel Rap  

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