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Grateful... and Alive! at The Carlebach Shul
David, Chaim

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Produced by:
Saracik, Chaim David

What an unbelievable simcha (joy) to perform on Rosh Chodesh Nissan at, for me, the holiest place in Manhattan (New York City): The Carlebach - Kehilat Ya'akov Shul. The concert was recorded in loving memory and honor of our Rebbe, Reb Shlomo Carlebach zt'l, and to celebrate together the month of redemption and features some of Reb Shlomo's greatest songs as well as songs composed by Chaim Dovid. (Copyright 1999)

Track Listing

1L'ma'an Shmo - For the Sake of His Name  

2Baruch Haporess - Blessed Be He Who Spreads Over... Play Windows Media

3"The Niggun" Rotze Veshov - To and Fro (a.k.a. Yamamai) Play Windows Media

4Samchem - Make Them Rejoice  

5Ayeh? - Where?  

6Lo Tevoshi - Don't Be Embarassed  

7Nafsheinu - Our Soul Yearns  

8Darchei Noam - Pleasant Ways / Sheeva Ro'im - Seven Shepherds Play Windows Media

9Eyn K'Elokeinu - There Is None Like Our Almighty  

10For Yehoshua ben Nun & Calev ben Yefune  

11Yachad - Together  

12Venisgav - A Stronghold  

13Open Up  

14Uvenei Otah - And Build It  

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