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Land of Your Soul
Green, Yehuda

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Produced by:
Green, Yehuda

Join the baal tefillah of The Carlebach Shul, Yehuda Green, on this soulful CD which includes four of his own compositions, in Reb Shlomo Carlebach's style, six of Reb Shlomo's compositions, and compositions from both Naomi Shemer and Moshe Shur.

Track Listing

1Im Eshkachech Play Windows Media

2Mizbe'ach Chadash Play Windows Media

3Song of Nature Play Windows Media

4The Land of Your Soul Play Windows Media

5The Barditchever Nigun Play Windows Media

6Nigun Moshe Play Windows Media

7Nishmas Kol Chai Play Windows Media

8The Candle Still Burns Play Windows Media

9Reb Shlomo's Kiddush Play Windows Media

10V'Zocher Play Windows Media

11Al Naharos Bavel Play Windows Media

12Nigun Neshama Play Windows Media

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