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BOJAC: The Best of Jewish Acappella - Volume 1
BOJAC & Various Artists

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Produced by:
Gorfinkel, Jordan

Passion, spirituality and harmony ignite BOJAC: The Best of Jewish A Cappella, the first-ever collection of today's hottest young professional and collegiate Jewish vocal acts. These exciting male, female and co-ed groups fire up every style of Jewish music, from religious melodies to Israeli pop, in English, Hebrew and a bissel of Yiddish. So push aside the furniture and get Bubbe her walker - BOJAC is 80 minutes of pure Jewish music adrenaline. (Note: All the music on this CD was created by the human voice and body. This CD features both male and female singers.)

Track Listing

1BOJAC Sting Play Windows Media

2Ani Ohev Otach - Shir Appeal (Tufts University) Play Windows Media

3We Stand As One - Sean Altman & Kol Zimra Play Windows Media

4Yigdal - Six13 Play Windows Media

5Bo'i Kallah - Kaskeset (Binghamton University) Play Windows Media

6Yalla Lech Habayta Moti - Shabbatones (University of Pennsylvania) Play Windows Media

7Uray Vanim - Jordan & Adam Play Windows Media

8Mi Adir - Lehava Play Windows Media

9Zodiac - Kol Halayla (Rutgers University) Play Windows Media

10Darkeinu - Tizmoret (Queens College) Play Windows Media

11Im Telech - Kol Sasson (University of Maryland) Play Windows Media

12Shabbas - Sam Glaser Play Windows Media

13Boheimishe Rhapsody - Kaskeset (Binghamton University) Play Windows Media

14Abanibi Obohebev - Shir Appeal (Tufts University) Play Windows Media

15Ha'Masah Le'Eretz Yisrael - Manginah (Brandeis University) Play Windows Media

16Abi Gezunt - Kol Zimra Play Windows Media

17Eyshes Chayil (Extended Mix) - Isha Cappella Play Windows Media

18Hiney Ba Hashalom - Shircago Play Windows Media

19K'shetavo - Ani V'ata (New York University) Play Windows Media

20Nachamu Ami (Live) - Pizmon (JTS/Columbia University) Play Windows Media

21Al Hanisim - Listen Up!  

22Na'ar Hayiti - Kol Achai Play Windows Media

23L'cha Dodi (Live) - Beat'achon Play Windows Media

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DETAILSBein Hazlilim - Between the Sounds
Razel, Yonatan


DETAILSTraditional Jewish Memories
Silberman, Benedict & Chorus



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