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Celebration 25
Chabad Telethon & Various Artists (Avraham Fried & Others)

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Produced by:
Chabad of California


Since 1980, the Chabad L'Chaim-To-Life! Telethon has supported a network of 200 community centers and nonsectarian social services that educate, comfort and provide hope to those in need. Our special "Celebration 25" Telethon united millions of viewers in song, dance and the spirit of giving. This CD & DVD includes 5 songs by Avraham Fried and brand new songs from 8th Day and the Moshav Band. Other artists appearing are LevYatan, Sam Glaser, Yaakov Motzen, Shlomo Simcha, "Peretz" Farrell, The Shira Choir, The Simcha Tones, Netanel Hershtik & M Generation Boys Choir.

Track Listing

1Sample Video Clip Play Windows Media

2CD #1: Show Open (Steve Bill & The Simcha Tones) Play Windows Media

3G-d Bless America (The Three Cantors) Play Windows Media

4Babenu-Krentiz (8th Day) Play Windows Media

5Kol Haolam Kulo (Avraham Fried) Play Windows Media

6Mi Yaale (LevYatan) Play Windows Media

7Hineni (Sam Glaser) Play Windows Media

8Kol Nidre (The Three Cantors) Play Windows Media

9M Generation (M Generation) Play Windows Media

10If My Heart Is Open (Moshav Band) Play Windows Media

11Tzomo (Avraham Fried) Play Windows Media

12Ein Od Milvado (Avraham Fried & The Shira Choir) Play Windows Media

13CD #2: Oyfn Pripetchik (Avraham Fried)  

14Yarmulke Blues (8th Day)  

15The Road (Moshav Band)  

16Shehechiyanu (The Three Cantors)  

17Machnisei Rachamim (Avraham Fried & The Shira Choir)  

18Rain (8th Day)  

19Habibi (LevYatan)  

20Oseh Shalom (Perry "Peretz" Farrell)  

21Ayeh (8th Day)  

22Uvau Haovdim (M Generation)  

23Finale (Steve Bill & The Simcha Tones)  

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DETAILSDibur Pashut - Simple Talk
Karduner, Yosef






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