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Sameach Sephardic Dance Mix
Various Artists

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Produced by:
Sameach Music

This double album production will have you dancing and singing all day. The 1st CD has nine great songs, with arrangements & vocals by Shlomo Haviv and also features Yosi & Avi Piamenta. The 2nd CD is an instrumental Sephardic style dance/mix style produced by Eli Mandelbaum and features some of today's hottest songs.

Track Listing

1CD #1: Salama (Shlomo Haviv) Play Windows Media

2Balbeli / Belibi (Shlomo Haviv) Play Windows Media

3Hodu Lashem (Shlomo Haviv)  

4Node Lecha (Moshe) (Shlomo Haviv)  

5Naase Lemaancha (Shlomo Haviv)  

6Habibi / Yaleh / Alabina (Shlomo Haviv)  

7Kol Hamesameach (Piamenta) Play Windows Media

8Chabibi Medley (Piamenta)  

9Arabic Medley (Piamenta)  

10CD # 2: Likovod Hachason (Yeedle) Play Windows Media

11Mi She'amar (Lipa Shmeltzer) Play Windows Media

12Ki Hatov (Yaakov Shwekey) Play Windows Media

13Ten Chiyuch (Dedi)  

14Medley - Ten Chiyuch (Dedi)  

15Gam Zu (Lipa Schmeltzer)  

16Medley #1  

17Veyehi Kenegen (Yisroel Parness)  

18Medley #2  

19Ani Lo Zamin (Moshik Afeah & David Hazout)  

20Medley #3  

21Al Tahsov Pa'amayin (Haim Israel)  

22Medley #4  

23Kach Hakol Bahava (Haim Israel)  

24Medley #5  

25Lo Bah (Shimon Booskilah)  

26Elokim Sheli (Haim Israel)  

27Litrotz Et HaChayim (Lior Narkis)  

28Rak Atah (Itzik Eshel)  

29End Medley  

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Razel, Yonatan


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