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The YESS Legacy - A Tribute to the Music of Moshe Yess
Various Artists

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Produced by:
Veroba, Gershon & Ziegler, Yerachmiel


The YESS Legacy double album (30 tracks) features an all-star cast of performers including friends and fellow performers who worked or performed with Moshe back in the 70's and 80's including Abie Rotenberg, Rabbi Baruch Chait, Yaron Gershovsky, Lenny Solomon, Avraham Rosenblum, Gershon Veroba and Yosi Piamenta, as well as Moshe's partner in Megama, Shalom Levine a"h who's soul was taken from this world just after recording his part on this album. Other artists featured on the double album include some of Jewish music's hottest names from many genres including Soulfarm, Benny Friedman, Shlomo Katz, Sam Glaser, Moshe Hecht, Aryeh Kunstler, Nochi Krohn, Yerachmiel Zeigler, Aaron Holder, Zevi Kaufman, Marc Levine, British rapper Menachem Weinstein and magazine/radio/music personality Country Yossi. They say "what's old is new" though The Yess Legacy can best be described as timeless, every bit as fresh and contemporary today as it was when it was first debuted. For those who remember, this album will bring new life to those wonderfully warm memories as only the music of Moshe Yess could.

Track Listing

1Audio Sampler Play Windows Media

2DISC #1: G-d Is Alive And Well In Jerusalem (Moshe Hecht) Play Windows Media

3David Cohen's Bar Mitzvah (Abie Rotenberg) Play Windows Media

4Freeway (Gershon Veroba) Play Windows Media

5Angel Song (Zevi Kaufman) Play Windows Media

6Dollar Bill (Nochi Krohn) Play Windows Media

7As A Jew (Benny Friedman) Play Windows Media

8Succos in Jerusalem (Soulfarm) Play Windows Media

9The Wagoneer (Dovid Negin) Play Windows Media

10Treat Her Kind (Shlomo Katz & Gershon Veroba) Play Windows Media

11Hinei (Yossi Green) Play Windows Media

12Up To Jerusalem (Gershon Veroba) Play Windows Media

13When The Messiah Comes (Avraham Rosenblum) Play Windows Media

14Beggar Woman (Marc Levine) Play Windows Media

15Coming Home (Aryeh Kunstler) Play Windows Media

16Zaidy (Shlomo Katz) Play Windows Media

17DISC #2: Fight In The Man (Gershon Veroba) Play Windows Media

18Jack Schwartz (Shalom Levine) Play Windows Media

19Miser of the Town (Sam Glaser) Play Windows Media

20Throw Away That Ham (Menachem Weinstein) Play Windows Media

21Forty Days (Soulfarm) Play Windows Media

22Give Me A Minyan (Avraham Rosenblum) Play Windows Media

23Olam Haba (Baruch Chait) Play Windows Media

24That's My Boy (Rivie Schwebel) Play Windows Media

25Star of David (Lenny Solomon) Play Windows Media

26Good Ship Wandering Jew (Yerachmiel Ziegler) Play Windows Media

27Frum Wives (Country Yossi) Play Windows Media

28Ain't No Bishul (Aaron Holder) Play Windows Media

29Go See Your Mother (Gershon Veroba & Yerachmiel Ziegler) Play Windows Media

30G-d is My Strength And My Song (Yerachmiel Ziegler) Play Windows Media

31Mountain Dew (Moshe Yess) Play Windows Media

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DETAILSMy Father's Zemiros (Acappella)
Fried, Avraham & Family


DETAILSAdon Hashalom




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