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Dibur Pashut - Simple Talk
Karduner, Yosef

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Produced by:
Karduner, Yosef

Jewish music artist, Yosef Karduner just released his eleventh album entitled "Dibur Pashut." Karduner's music is joyful, gentle and touches the soul. Many songs come from Breslov teachings which are based on compilations and his personal religious experiences. In the booklet next to each song there is a description about the circumstances that led him to write and compose it. The first track "Tavo'ee Teshurai," Karduner waited two years before he found his lyrics to fit it. "This melody followed me for two years without words," says Yosef. "One day I opened the sefer Lekutei Maharan and tried to put words of this Torah into the melody. And suddenly, lo and behold everything fell into place. Another song on the album "HaRosh HaShana Sheli, the apparent hit, was moving among the thousands of passengers to pray with you in Israel to Uman, I wrote while waiting for the plane, a few hours before the holy day. At the end of the month of Elul, a few hours before traveling, I was at home in the living room and suddenly I was filled with joy for the right to go to mark the holy Rabbi, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov zt'l New Year. I took the guitar and composed this song ." The song "Mashal" features a duet with the well known Shlomo Katz. The idea was born after meeting Shlomo in the studio while working on the album. "I told him I had him yearning to record a song together, Shlomo was very pleased to participate and a very precious stone was added this song." The new album also features Karduner for the first time ever singing a song NOT composed by himself, rather by the very talented composer Rabbi Hillel Palei. The song "Aishet Chayil," also features world renown violinist Daniel Ahaviel and his violin. Yosef's songs and music are always "Dibur Pashut," though quite personal in nature. Anyone who listens to songs will feel what Karduner had in mind while working on the song, the popular Hasidic Jewish and grace possessed induce a sensation of warm friends. Ten tracks on the album will transport the listener to simcha, success and personal prosperity, or in the words of Yosef Karduner as explaned in the fourth song, "Ata Taztliach" (You are successful), Yosef wrote hopefully to all those who think they will succeed. They are wrong."

Track Listing

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2Tavo'ee Teshurai  

3HaRosh HaShana Sheli  


5Ata Tazliach  

6Kol Ma Shesanu  


8Aishet Chayil  

9Or Hatzadik  

10Sos Asis  

11Adon Olam  

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DETAILSDibur Pashut - Simple Talk
Karduner, Yosef


DETAILSShtar Hatnoim
Fried, Avraham




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