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Yiddish Gems - Volume 1
Fried, Avraham

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Produced by:
Fried, Avraham

The name Yom Tov Ehrlich z'tl evokes fond memories of Avraham Fried's childhood years. The songs and lyrics of his prolific recordings which filled Avraham's home, imbued their minds with an unparalleled collection of priceless information, teachings and lessons. With song and rhyme, he taught and inspired. His messages engraved themselves upon their minds, never to be forgotten. It is Avraham's hope that this first effort of Ehrlich classics will bring fond memories to those already familiar with his great works, and introduce them to those who did not have the good fortune to be weaned on his music. (Copyright 1992)

Track Listing

1Preparing for Shabbos Play Windows Media


3The Little Leaf  

4The Captain's Kol Nidrei Play Windows Media

5Techiyas Hamaisim  

6The Thirteen Ani Maamins  

7A Mother's Heart  

8Nature: Hashem at Work Play Windows Media

9The Torah and the Nations  

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