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Moishe Oysher - Passover Seder, Kol Nidrei & Chanukah Party
Oysher, Moishe

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Produced by:
Leisure Time Music

This double CD set includes 29 selections from "The Moishe Oysher Passover Seder," "Kol Nidre Night with Moishe Oysher" and "The Moishe Oysher Chanukah Party." (Copyright 1994 Leisure Time Music)

Track Listing

1CD #1: Kiddush - Sanctification Play Windows Media

2Ho Lachmo Anyo Play Windows Media

3The Four Questions Play Windows Media

4V'hi She'umdo - G-d's Promise  

5Dayenu - It Would Have Been Enough  

6Grace After Meals  

7Eliyahu - The Prophet Elijah  

8Hallel - Psalms of Praise  

9Concluding Folk Hymns  

10Or Zorua Latzadik - Light is Sown for the Righteous  

11Al Da'as Hamokom - Declaration of Sanction  

12Kol Nidre - Nullification of Vows Play Windows Media

13V'nislach - Pardon Will Be Granted  

14Ma'ariv - Evening Prayers  

15CD #2: Ya'a'leh - May Our Prayers Ascend  

16Omnom Ken - Traditional Penitential Hymn  

17Ki Hinei Kachomer - Traditional Hymn  

18Sh'ma Koleynu - Hear Our Voice  

19The 24th Psalm of David  

20Happy Chanukah  

21Blessings of the Candles - Brochot  



24Maoz Tzur  


26Mizmor Shir  

27Ani Maamin  

28Drei Dreidele - Spin the Dreidle  

29Sh'ma Yisroel - Hear O Israel  

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