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When Will the Master Come?

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Produced by:
Altizio, Yerachmiel


Led by electric guitar virtuoso Yerachmiel Altizio, Merkavah (a mystical Kabbalistic chariot) is a blend of Jam Band improvisation and melodies from the Lubavitch Chabad movement. This musical experience marries the frenetic energy of a rock concert with the joyous fervor of Hasidic expression. From Crown Heights, home of the Lubavitch movement, Merkavah navigates the sonic straights linking Chabadniks and Phish-heads, playing festivals, Chabad houses and clubs to the delight of all. Their common appreciation is likely spiritual, and thatís by design. In the Kabbalistic tradition, the bandís namesake is the metaphoric meditational chariot used journey inward to the soul and greater understanding and the revelation of the glory of G-d. Aptly named, Merkavah is the soundtrack of that journey.

Track Listing

1Nigun Simcho (Song of Joy) Play Windows Media

2Hakofos Nigun (Celebration of the Torah) Play Windows Media

3Rabbi Goldberg (Words of Torah)  

4Eimosai Kosi Mar (When Will the Master Come?) Play Windows Media

5Ashreinu (We Are Happy) Play Windows Media

6Om Ani Chomo (Even Though We Are in Exile) Play Windows Media

7Rabbi Goldberg (Words of Torah)  

8Vayancheim Luhvetach (He Led Them With Security) Play Windows Media

9V'harikosi Luchem Bruchah (And I Will Pour You Out a Blessing)  

10Nigun Hisvadus (Melody of Fellowship) Play Windows Media

11Rachamono (The Merciful One) Play Windows Media

12Rabbi Goldberg (Words of Torah)  

13Nigun Rikud (Song of Dance) Play Windows Media

14Al Hanisim (And (We Thank You) for the Miracles) Play Windows Media

15Nigun Ruach (Song of Spirit) Play Windows Media

16Vayhi B'Yemei (And It Came to Pass in the Days of Achashveirosh) Play Windows Media

17Rabbi Goldberg (Words of Torah)  

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