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Yossele Rosenblatt - Tribute to a Legend
Cantors World (Helfgot, Malovany, Muller, Stern & Herstik)

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Produced by:
Cantors World

Join us as the world's leading cantors pay tribute to the memory of Yossele Rosenblatt on this night dedicated to the 70th Yarhtzeit of his passing featuring Yitzchok Helfgot, Benjamin Muller, Moshe Stern, Naftali Herstik, Joseph Malovany & Maestro Mathew Lazar.

Track Listing

1CD #1:Veshomru / Hi'neni (Naftali Hershtik) Play Windows Media

2B'rich Shmey (Yitzchok Helfgot)  

3Vehu Rachum / Teka (Joseph Malovany) Play Windows Media

4Hamavdil (Benjamin Muller)  

5Ribbono Shel Olam (Moshe Stern)  

6V'af Hu (Various Cantors) Play Windows Media

7Tribute To My Father (Ralph Rosenblatt)  

8CD #2: Keyl Molei Rachamim (Yaakov Stark) Play Windows Media

9Acheynu (Moshe Stern)  

10Retzey Assirosom (Moshe Stern)  

11Hashem Zechoronu (Benjamin Muller)  

12Mimkomcha (Naftali Herstik)  

13Rabbi Yishmoel Omer (Benjamin Muller)  

14U'venucho Yomar (Joseph Malovany)  

15Elokay Ad Shelo (Yitzchok Helfgot)  

16Ad Heyno (Yitzchok Helfgot)  

17FINALE: Shir Hama'alos (All Cantors)  

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